12 December 2012

Damaged Tape - 2012 - Conflagration of Nibiru

The world will end after you play this on December 21st.  You may have to wait a few billion years, but it will end.

These electronic sounds began early this year during the sessions for "The Floating Existence."  "Interstellar Tropics" was actually the first tune recorded for that album, but I held on to that song and "B.A.D.D.," thinking I'd save them for a fake soundtrack.  This album isn't quite a fake soundtrack, but the music is still supposed to flow like a mid-80's action/adventure show.  I guess it would have been set by the beach with all of the oceanic white noise I added with the Moog.  There's plenty of hints of surf guitar as well.  "B.A.D.D." was supposed to stand for something, like the cartoon "M.A.S.K.," but nothing ever came of it.  Once Scott got to work on the album, things veered into a more trippy spiritual direction as tends to happen with him.  Anyway, I'm hoping that everything ends as it should, and this set is the proper hybrid of our visions.  As with the last album, I continue to dabble in the ocean of vocal synth-pop on "Spectrum of Realities" and "Nectar of the Lotus."  Those along with "Dragons of the Moonrise" are my personal favorites here.  Hmmm, we've got an awful lot of "_____ of ______" on this collection.  Were betting on numerology, though, by releasing this on all twelves.

To listen, you can head for Bandcamp:
Damaged Tape - 2012 - Conflagration of Nibiru

Or download at these links:
Damaged Tape - 2012 - Conflagration of Nibiru (mp3s)
Damaged Tape - 2012 - Conflagration of Nibiru (wav part 1)
Damaged Tape - 2012 - Conflagration of Nibiru (wav part 2)


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